“There’s nothing more embarrassing than to have earned the disfavor of a perceptive animal.”   ~Michael Chabon

Her friends wondered how she could be so friendly, so bright, so pretty, and yet remain single for a good year or two – and counting. She met their incredulity with a playful shrug and said,  “My dog has better taste than I do. No one’s earned his approval yet.”



Control, always
or else
bite the dust
feed the worms
kick the bucket

Stay strong, always
Stay strong
No emotions, never
cry never
laugh never
scream never

Yes, no longer
fragile no longer
weak no longer
helpless no longer



Author’s Note: This poem was written during and inspired by the Powell-Heller conference for Holocaust Education

Eternal Winter

Anticipation fills the frigid air
The swollen clouds move sluggish fat and gray
Announced by Frost, who makes the roofs his lair
Then – look – a child cheers Today Today!

And all eyes turn to the sky. Floating white
So many little flecks so downy snug
Like feathers or a favorite robe pulled tight
Envelops, covers all; A stately rug

An alabaster flurry hides the sled
But not the merry shrieks of mirth and glee
Excited children; faces glowing red
Then stories, cider, time with family

Though time will never stop, and bodies fail
The memories of man retained in tale